Farm Update January and Audio Test

I wouldn't say that 2016 has come in with a big! More like a pop, and a sizzle, a little shuffling, and then a nap. Scott and I have been working on getting the website back to 100% with only some luck. It is taking some time to undo several years of technical blunders in order to save everything and move on.

The site did not get hacked, it is not unsafe. What happened is that we were getting mired in technical updates, code fixes, and general nerdy stuff. What we really want to do is produce content to share with you.

With that in mind we have made the move to SquareSpace. In oder to get everything changed over and still maintain some online presence there are inevitable blips. Getting the podcast feed to update is one of those blips.

Let's see if this works! If it does and you come to the new site let us know what you think. We know about the broken links, fixing that. More curious what you think about the design and direction.