Stop Getting Overwhelmed With Work

Easily and effectively plot out all the work in your season so you don't get stuck with too many projects all at once.

Years Of Searching


I have been looking for a tool like this since 2013. I am very picky about how what tools and systems I use to accomplish my goals. If the tool doesn't fit perfectly than there is room for improvement. Not until I found the right match was I going to stop my search for an effective farm labor planning tool.

As a farm manager I wanted something that:

  • easy to edit and understand
  • easy to move things around as dates change
  • collaborative so I could easily share with others
  • accounted for the complexity and diversity of my task list
  • showed me my whole year at a glance
  • low frills

That's a tall order. I have tried all sorts of things through the years. Plotting everything out on paper made it more difficult to edit without things getting sloppy and it was hard to share info with people not on farm.

Putting things in a calendar made it hard to account for daily chores and the length of a batch of chickens. Too many details all at once and my calendar was cluttered and hard to organize. Besides, I would fill in my calendar after this initial planning process. I just wanted a way to rough in my season and make sure I was going to be able to handle it all.

I have tried various calendar apps, spreadsheets, shared documents, personal to-do lists, etc... Some were free, some I paid money for. In some cases I learned a whole new piece of software only to not like the way it functioned.

This has been a personal obsession of mine for a while. I need more hobbies... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


How It Works:

  1. Take time to organize your farm goals
  2. Assign hours to each task
  3. Plot your farm season on the simple to use grid
  4. Let the calculator add up your totals
  5. Adjust your farm plan to more accurately reflect your capabilities

It Has To Be Simple

The Labor Hours Calculator had to be simple to use in order for me to actually use it. While I may seem very organized and in control, the truth is that I am human just like you. If there is friction in my planning or record keeping process then I am less likely to do a good job.

I have been working on simple systems for planning and record keeping that are not only painless for me to use, but are easy to teach others. The Labor Hours Calculator achieves both of those things.

Your Season at a Glance

This tool is used to lay out your farm year to identify where you might have problem areas before they become problems.

You can create one calculator with the broad strokes of your farm. Then make copies of the calculator with more detailed time budgets for seeding schedules, livestock rotations, spray schedules, deliveries, etc...

Three Easy To Use Sections

  1. Fill out your task list and assign hours
  2. Put an X on the corresponding week when you'll completely that task.
  3. Let the calculator add up your total labor hours for the week

Purchase Your Copy

The Labor Hours Calculator comes as a digital download. Once you complete your purchase you can download it immediately and start planning and plotting your farm season.

What You Get

  1. Labor Hours Calculator - Google Sheet Spreadsheet
  2. Labor Hours Calculator How to Guide - PDF
  3. Example Hours Calculator Filled Out - Google Sheet Spreadsheet

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