Working To Make My Farm Viable


By the end of 2017 my farm will lose money, and there's good reason for that.

I run a 52 acre diversified farm in Western CT. Not only am I farming, but I manage parts of the property that aren't used for agriculture, I work hand in hand with an on-site farm brewery, and I am part of an off-site distillery. If that sounds like a lot, well, that's because it is.

Fix My Farm is starting because my farm numbers don't look good, even if as a whole company it makes sense. I am going to pull back the veil, be completely honest, and share everything with you guys and gals. My financials, my farm business plan, the hours that I work, how I manage my task list, everything.

This page is the hub for it all, welcome!

This is a live, real time experiment to see if I can make sense of all that I am trying to manage. In my heart I want to keep farming, but it has to makes sense in my wallet. 


The Goal

Share my story as a means of finding balance, making my farm more viable, and educating others. 

Every piece of the puzzle adds context. I have a diverse skill set that is suited to the unique opportunity that life has presented me. Now it's time to refine my definition of what it is that I actually do on my farm, make the best strategic moves for myself and my business, and maintain a balanced and healthy family and social life. 

Normal Publishing Schedule

  • On break until January 12th 2018
    • taking the winter to clean some stuff up, come up with some better content, and set my goals for the new year

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Fix My Farm Publishing Schedule

Every Friday a new piece to the puzzle.


Useful Bits

I have already started to document areas of my farm as well as my entire farm picture. I have it all organized in the Resources section of this website. Cruise on over there for a deeper look into what I've done in the past, how I run certain operations, and for helpful links to websites besides this one.


Holistic Farm Planning

My farm only makes sense when you look at it holistically. There are decisions that I choose to make or that I am forced to make because my farm operates with a brewery and a distillery.

I am super lucky to be involved in those other businesses, but doing so presents some unique challenges. A large part of this exercise is to figure out how to successfully operate a non-traditional farm enterprise.


Management Tools

I walk the line between luddite and tech nerd. I like to write things down in a notebook and draw with pen and paper.

At the same time I enjoy what modern technology has brought us in terms of Apps and software.

After 6 years of farming I have a set of tools and a discipline for using them that works well for me.


I'll Keep Ya Posted

My internet things like my website, YouTube Channel, and Instagram are living things. I keep updating them and will continue to keep updating them. Stop back, check it out, subscribe, all that good stuff. 

Until the next time you're here, have a great day and happy farming!

Support All Dis Work

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