Farm Work Life Balance - GFP S1:E2

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Why are we always talking about production at conferences and not talking about finding life balance?

In this episode, the ole work-life balance discussion rears its head.  The banter goes from the fallacies of self-help web gurus to the real stories from John, the young farmer starting out with lots of energy, to Troy, the salty farmer who shares his troubles and purges his sins, in achieving work-life balance but now thinks it’s imperative to keep working on.

“It cuts right to the heart of the “try” to get to a place of balance.  It takes work to find the sweet spot.”

John talks about the 4, 100 watt light bulb energy concept that focuses on family, friends, health and work:  Visit at the 11 minute mark for more on this.  John also covers this on his 2015 podcast:

Troy pushed John’s buttons early on by keep asking why.  It goes to the idea of setting goals and avoiding burnout.  It’s learning about cues in your life to “right the ship”.   Can you say no?  How many cows or chickens will keep you from camping?  In agriculture is there a guilt-trip in taking time off instead of getting all the work done?

Enjoy the real life experiences and tips while hopefully finding your true life-work balance.


Kent Falls Farm Brewery where John lives and works.


John here, it’s 2019 and I feel more in balance and control of my life than ever. That’s not to say that everything is perfect and all things happen as they should, it isn’t and it doesn’t. However, the mindset I have developed over the past half a decade makes me ready for whatever challenge comes my way.

In this episode Troy and I share stories from life of how we have reached some sense of balance.


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