Farming Motivation - GFP S2:E5

farming motivatoin

Think of the reason you do what you do. Whether you are farming or thinking about starting a farm, why are you doing this? The key to keeping a business going, and creating a lasting lifestyle is to find what drives you, and let it keep driving you forward.

I would love to publish the podcast episode or YouTube video where I have the magic bullet to making farms financially viable and “successful” but I do not think a magic bullet exists. It takes a stupid amount of hard work and determination.

When the going gets tough you are going to have to define and hang onto your single motivating purpose. Your kids, the earth, millions of dollars, fame, posterity, free beer, whatever… Find it, take a picture, keep it in your wallet, and look at it every day.

I am personally driven by a desire to provide for my family, combat climate change, be a part of an amazing farm brewery, support a community of honest hard-working people, and maintain my friendships with amazing people like Troy. Do I always succeed at all of that? Oh goodness no, I’m human. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep trying to be the best me I can be for all of those people.

Find what motivates you and hang onto it. You’re going to need it. Owning and operating a farm or homestead is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your limited time on this earth, make the most of every day and remember why you toil.