Getting Rid of Experts - GFP S2:E4


Who are “they” exactly?

They told us it can’t be done. They told us you cannot make money farming. They told us you can’t raise sheep without a heavy parasite load. They said you can’t have 0% mortality in the brooder. They said that you have to farm this way or that.

I’m not saying that educated people are nonsense. That would be a gross misinterpretation of my point. What I am saying, is that there is an inherent flaw in the human to human interpretation of the scientific method in that variables are often isolated and taken out of context. Sure you can get more grass by adding nitrogen, but is that what you farm needs? And are there other ways to add nitrogen into your soil without paying a chemical company?

Today Troy and I discuss what makes an expert. They’re not always right, and they’re not always wrong. They are merely presenting facts based on their research that you as the professional farmer have to take and adapt to your goals, your farm, and your systems.

It all goes back to continually asking the question, “why?”