What Keeps you up at night? - GFP S2:E3


There is a lot to farming that will keep you awake at night. Is the brooder closed, are all the birds in, are the predators out, is the greenhouse warm enough, did you remember to check this or that?

Then there’s all the life stuff that keeps you up at night. On today’s episode of the Growing Farms Podcast Troy and I cover three areas of concern that are universal to most people.

  1. What’s happening today?

  2. What happens tomorrow?

  3. What about the day after tomorrow, or years after tomorrow?

farming keeps you up at night

Through the years I have had the good fortune to live many different lives. I lived in New York City and worked along side celebrities, I lived homeless on a bicycle and traveled the country, and now I life in the “quiet corner” of Connecticut and I am very connected with my community. These experiences have allowed me to rub shoulders with people in all walks of life.

Rich or poor, happy or sad, old or young, everyone has worries, joys, concerns, reasons to celebrate, and reasons to mourn. Not one person that I have ever met has every single thing in their life figured out. There’s always something that needs work, something that they struggle with. That is a unifier in my eyes. Something that puts us all on an equal playing field.

No matter what good or bad fortune life brings you I hope that you find the balance that works best for you, and don’t ever worry about what the “other guy” thinks.