When Farming Gets You Down - GFP S2:E6


To wrap up a season of taking a deep dive into the heads of two farmers Troy and I take an episode to have a mental health check in. How are we doing, how do we cope with stress, and if the coping isn’t working what to do about it.

This Spring has been particularly challenging for me personally. I’m still doing all the things that I love, there’s just a lot of them happening all at once at the moment. It is in times like these where I have to stop for a minute, take a deep breath, remember that it is all just part of the process, and then usually I just get back to work.

It can feel like the to do list gets longer before it gets shorter, that at times the world is out to get you, or things aren’t going your way. It is ok to want to quit, but what defines us as people is how we react to being in these situations. Work toward a better life, hang in there, and tomorrow will be brighter.