Are you looking for a functional yet practical way to raise chickens on pasture? Having trouble finding detailed information on chicken tractor plans and designs? Are you looking to get into pastured poultry but want to take some of the guess work out of raising chickens?

Then you’re in luck! In addition to detailed drafting and materials lists,  I have compiled thousands of hours of research, both in the field (literally) and out, to bring you a detailed guide on how to build a chicken tractor that you are actually going to be happy using. By the time you get through my guide you will be well on your way toward building the chicken tractor you have been waiting for.


The definitive guide on chicken tractor design:

Believe it or not there are a lot of things to consider when building a chicken tractor. I have spent countless hours pouring over and researching every detail. By the time I was done I had a design that not only made me happy, the chickens love it, and it constantly impresses my customers and fellow farmers.

“Stress Free Chicken Tractor Plans” is meant to save you those thousands of hours so you can get right into raising a flock of your own. This eBook is so much more than just a set of plans for the most practical chicken tractor design yet, it also includes:

  • 2D and 3D drafting of every component
  • Detailed drawings of special elements
  • Materials list with cost breakdown
  • Over 50 full color photographs
  • An explanation of all the materials I chose
  • Walk through of the building process
  • Walk through of the moving process
  • Built in predator protection
  • Details on my custom chicken feeders and waterers that you haven’t thought of yet
  • Tips and information to save you time and money
  • Plus bonus extras!

You will have a chicken tractor that stands up to being moved around pasture every day. It will last you years, flex to uneven ground without losing it’s shape when back on flat ground, keep your birds safe from all manner of predators, and keep your birds happy and healthy.

My design has the potential for more than one use. Imagine being able to:

  1. Raise broiler chickens for meat
  2. Raising egg laying birds
  3. Use as a cold frame for season extension of crops
  4. A wicked-awesome fort for your kids!
  5. Use as a pastured rabbit hutch with some simple modifications


Hear what other farmers are saying:


Troy Bishopp “The Grass Whisperer” of Bishopp Family Farms

I’ve seen countless chicken tractors in my travels which are generally adapted to the farm’s labor force and materials on hand but with most farmer designs, there will always be room for improvement.

I liked John’s style because it had enough rugged features in construction without being too heavy.  The simple wheel design and portability of one set of tires made it cost effective and easy to move, even through taller swards.  The high ceiling made for good ventilation and easy access for bringing in grain and water and removing birds.  A plus on those hot humid days.

Margaret Hopkins of Local Farm

Growing up a farm kid I have built, moved, kicked, cussed at and lived with many forms of chicken housing. John’s is one of the best I’ve dealt with. A good design for the back yard or the larger scale farm. It has good head room, a feed and water plan that reduces spill, and excellent mobility. I look forward to recommending the plan to new and experienced chicken keepers alike.

The benefits of Stress Free Chicken Tractor Plans:

Take the guess work of of planning for the longevity of your tractors, the health of your pasture, and the safety of your chickens.

  • Sturdy construction and knowledgeable insights help keep your birds safe from predators by land and by air.
  • Clear and professional drafting lets you know how to put these tractors together without getting lost in technical drawings.
  • Shared real life experience to make sure you build these once, and only once. Thereby saving you time and money.
  • Clever feeder design to make moving and handling birds easier, properly spread manure, and save you time when it comes to feeding your birds.
  • Arched roof design to keep you young by letting you walk into the tractors to work instead of leaning over or crouching uncomfortably.

What you get and what it costs:

  • Downloadable PDF with all the materials listed above
  • Freedom to send me any questions comments or concerns
  • Plus bonus extras!


  • Exclusive YouTube videos

I have a few YouTube videos up about my chicken tractors that are open to anyone. I created an exclusive YouTube channel for the fine folks who purchase my book showing you exactly how to move the tractors safely and efficiently, more explanation of the design, neat tricks with the feeders, and more.


What it costs:

Cutting to the chase, “Stress Free Chicken Tractors” the eBook costs $19.95.

When you think of all the money you will save when designing a chicken tractor, agonizing over what materials to use, and the time saved moving them efficiently around on pasture that price becomes more reasonable by the second. Not to mention you will have a safer more healthy flock, whether is is 3 birds or 300.

Even if you decide to go with a different chicken tractor design the information contained in these pages will translate seamlessly saving you time and money. Money saved is money earned.

While I would love to give this information out for free, as I know some of you will be expecting, I do have to eat. I have a farm and a family to support including my daughter who was born a few short months before this book was published. You could say she was a BIG motivating factor for the work that went into this eBook. I am not doing this to get rich. Rather, I am doing this to support my passions of healthy food and healthy family.


How to buy: