Stress Free Chicken Tractor Plans

Are you looking for a functional yet practical way to raise chickens on pasture? Then you’re in luck! In addition to detailed drafting and materials lists, thousands of hours of research, both in the field (literally) and out, have come together in a detailed guide on how to build a chicken tractor that you are actually going to be happy using.

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Pastured Poultry Packet #1

Thinking about starting or growing your pastured broiler operation? Don’t you wish someone put together every piece of paper you wish you had to start and grow your pastured poultry operation? Want to take some of the guess work out of planning, tracking, and assessing exactly what you’re doing when you put a chicken out on grass and then try to sell it?

With several years experience raising broiler chickens under my belt I have collected detailed information specific to pastured poultry. Through Farm Marketing Solutions I am now able to refine and package them together for you to shorten your learning curve and get the right systems in place from the start.

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Digital Bundle: CTP & PPP#1

If you would like to build your first chicken tractor and determine the cost of each bird you raise then the digital bundle is for you. Get PDF versions of Stress-free Chicken Tractor Plans and Pastured Poultry Packet #1.



Pastured Poultry Packet #2

You've built your chicken tractors, you've built your budget, now you have to sell those chickens and eggs that you lovingly raised on grass.

PPP#2 walks you through all the marketing information you are going to need to know to sell more chickens. Not only that, it provides marketing materials you can start using right now to get your customers' attention and convert them into believers.

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Labor Hours Calculator

Year after year I find myself saying yes to too many projects. Whether it is out of motivation to try and make more money by doing more things, or even just to satisfy the wants and desires of the people I am working with, I somehow manage to be under water in the middle of the season, drowning in a sea of ambition.

I finally created something that easily plans out my whole year and helps me to not get overloaded during my farm season.

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Apparel and Fun Stuff

Farmer Trucker Cap

1 Million Chickens t-shirt - $25

1 Million Chickens Hooded Sweatshirt - $40

iPhone Case - Dozen Eggs - $16

Mug - 1 Million Chickens - $16

Farmer Beanie

1 Million chickens ladies tank top - $25

1 Million chickens hooded sweatshirt - $40

iphone case - arugula - $16

Mug - 1 Million CHickens - $16

Hello My Name Is Farmer - Hoodie

FMS Baseball Tshirt - $25

1 million chickens hooded swwatshirt - $40

iphone case - chicken coop - $16


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