Step by Step Raising Meat Chickens

You asked and I listened. After putting together the free 8 week video series on raising chickens you still wanted more details. While the concept of raising broiler chickens is easy, the "devil is in the details". There are a loft of things you can do to make your experience more enjoyable, to raise healthier birds, and to be a more profitable business (if business is what you're going for).

Topics covered in depth:

  • Planning your farm infrastructure

  • Getting ready for chicks

  • Success in the brooder

  • Raising chickens on pasture

  • Processing chickens for home and sale

  • Starting a Chicken CSA

  • Incorporating broilers into your homestead or existing farm

  • Discussing Pastured Poultry with Customers

  • And of course, more…. (I love when people put that, it’s so mysterious)

I am putting together a video course on raising broilers that will be ready later this winter 2016. If you are interested you can sign up with your email and I will let you know how it is progressing and when it will be released.



Start to Finish

This video course covers everything you are going to need to start and run a homestead or small production flock of broilers. I give you in-depth information on:

  • Setting up your farm
  • Proper brooder management
  • How to keep your chickens healthy
  • How to trouble shoot problems
  • How to avoid the pit-falls
  • Candid looks at my books and how I built my business

Lots of Visual Content

Through the years I have found that I learn better when I can see what it is I am trying to learn.  I have a background in design and media. You will see that not only do I know what I'm doing, but I know how to teach you through video, audio, and illustration as well.

  • Videos for every stage of growth
  • Supplemental documents to help you stay organized
  • Visual teaching guides to get you set-up