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Latest News: as of 8/11/2018

I have been quiet in terms of publishing new content. After several years in business we have worked out a great balance between farm, brewery, and distillery. Imagining and realizing such a unique type of business has been no small task. There have been a lot of bumps in the road and a lot of smooth sections.

This year has seen a settling in of systems, an ironing out of wrinkles, and a doubling down on ethos. I have the honor of being but one member of a great team of people that are all dedicated to realizing a shared dream.

As my farm is consistently impacted by internal factors and external factors, my task here on Farm Marketing Solutions has been to try and tell that story and share my lessons learned. As hard as I tried for structure, there was a lot of inherent fluctuation as a product of the nature of my relationships in and out of business.

My camera has been rolling the time and I have been taking notes.

As I work through my summer season, support my wonderful wife in her new job, and make sure I'm getting my harvest in I have to stay focused on the farm. 

Expect new content from me starting in mid-September. I have been shooting video, I'm lining up podcast projects, and I would love to start writing more about the lessons I learn on a week to week basis. For now though, farm and family come first. I will see you soon.

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I wrote three books about pastured poultry:

  • Stress-Free Chicken Tractor Plans
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