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Latest News: as of 9/25/2019

Howdy Folks,

I went on a creativity bender and I’ve been up to some exciting stuff. But first, some back story:

After Rose was born in May we changed the house up a bit. My office got lumped in with the living room. Instead of my safe little corner of the houses here my office was before, I was now in the middle of the fray when I was at my desk. I underestimated what the move of locations would do to my creative drive and focus. With my desk now in the middle of the home living space I lost the separation of work and family life.

I then took it upon myself to clean out my basement and carve out a literal man-cave where I could go to think and create. I write this from the aptly-named Dungeon Office. It’s 60 degrees in hear all year round, it’s a dry basement, and after some paint and a lot of sweeping it’s almost cheery down here.

During the time that it took me to spruce up my safe-haven I dropped off YouTube publishing. It’s amazing that when you stop feeding the beast all of your numbers tank. If you aren’t a diligent little worker bee then the queen gets angry. To say it plainly, whenever I miss posting videos on YouTube my numbers (views, recommendations, revenue) take a sharp plunge.

It is now my choice whether to start feeding the beast again, or work on projects that allow me to distance myself from the large corporate data monster. I see a number of creators out there making the effort to double down on their own platforms and not be so reliant on a third party for income.

I enjoy having a space where I can piece this together and decide how I think Farm Marketing Solutions will be able to best serve you, the wonderful people who have chosen me out of the whole internet, to learn and grow with. That’s where I’m at. I am defining where the intersection of best serving others, and best serving my family exists.

I’ll post here when I have updates. I don’t want to share anything until I’ve actually completed it and know that it is worthwhile to share. You’ll hear more shortly.



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