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Latest News: as of 12/15/2018

Video coming:

We have already started shooting and editing content for the new year ahead. Farm Marketing Solutions on YouTube is going back to my older style of quick and to the point videos. We have stripped out all the frills to give you the meat of the content so that you can get your questions answered and get back to work.

Videos will start to publish the first full week of January and continue on five days a week from there, with the occasional week off.

I want to welcome Paul Shim, one of the newest members of the Farm Marketing Solutions team. Paul is joining us to help me with shooting, editing, and uploading videos. Paul has a good eye for detail and a drive to bring meaningful content to the world.

Podcast returns:

The podcast will return in January 2019 with several seasons throughout the year. I miss producing the podcast, and even though I haven't done it in a while, I'm still getting thousands of downloads on my old episodes.

Troy Bishopp the Grass Whisperer joins the Farm Marketing Solutions team as my co-host for the Growing Farms Podcast. Troy has been a good friend and mentor for years now. Through my highs and lows on the farm he has been there with sage advice and humbling critiques of my “great ideas”.

Together Troy and I will focus on the topics on the mind of every person who has tried to work the land and come to understand how much of a challenge small scale agriculture can really be. With an “Old Salt schools the Whippersnapper” dynamic we keep it honest, fun, and relatable.

On a personal note, it’s a real pleasure to be taking on this great experiment with such a good friend.


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