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How To Grow Hops

We have a 3/4 acre hop yard on our farm. We manage our hop yard organically though we are not certified organic. We mainly sell our hops through our on farm brewery, which is a crucial aspect in our decision to grow hops.



YouTube Playlist: How to grow hops, 14+ videos

I am slowly compiling my experiences in the hop yard on YouTube. I learn a lot year to year as more information becomes available for small scale growers in the NorthEast United States.


My Favorite Hops Resource

When people ask me for advice on growing hops I often respond with the fact that anything I tell them is going to be a regurgitation of the information put out by the University of Vermont UVM Hops Project.

Seriously, I'm posting this link instead of a big long list of my own because they already have everything.


Camps Road Farm - Hop Yard

  • 3/4 acre
  • 5 varieties
    • Brewer's Gold
    • Cascade
    • Chinook
    • Bitter Gold
    • Michigan Copper
  • 16 rows, 12ft between each row
  • Rows are 200' long
  • V-trellis

2018 Production