Mission Statement

Statement of Purpose:

To help further the slow food movement by educating farmers and consumers on the production and business of small scale agriculture.

Quality of life:

To enjoy what we do everyday. To be proud of our work and be respected for it. To not let Farm Marketing Solutions take over the lives of the staff causing them to make sacrifices to their health, family, or happiness. To create passive income streams that support the business and help us accomplish our goals. To work in a place where everyday is fun and free of interpersonal stress. To collaborate openly as a group working toward the realization of our statement of purpose. To be creatively challenged while remaining focused on the larger goals. Create time for strategic planning, record keeping, and business development.

What we have to produce:

Profit from our products and services. Services and products that are diversified but fit together as a whole sustainable package. An open, friendly, and collaborative work environment. A website that is efficient, functional, and aesthetically beautiful. Professional work that we can all feel proud of.

Future resource base:

People: The public will see us as innovative, hard-working, knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and fun to hang out with.

Community: Farm Marketing Solutions will be an active member of the farming community as a resource base for agricultural professionals or those looking to get started in agriculture in some way.