GFP010: Adapting to Suit Your Market, Be Genuine, Interview with Lisa from Fresh Eggs Daily

It is really important in your farm marketing efforts to adapt to meet the needs of your market. That means more than just growing what people want. It also means growing it the way they want it grown. I recently switched my feed because my customers were asking for organic non-GMO feed. I would have been feeding my chickens that anyways, I just didn't know I could get it near my farm. When someone pointed it out, it was a natural switch.

It is also important when marketing your farm to listen to your demographic, and go where they are to market to them. More and more people are on Facebook these days. Of all the farmers I know, that is the most widely used form of social media. Why? Facebook has over 900 million people using it on a global scale. While your aim might not be global, in today's farm podcast I explain how I am using it to market locally. I am seeing results in the form of new members to my Chicken and Herb CSA. There's your return on investment.

In this farm podcast you will learn:

  • Best practices for engaging you audience on Facebook.
  • Ideas to monetize your blog or farm website.
  • The importance of creating a solid brand around a particular niche.
  • Why you have to promote yourself to be seen online.

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Interview with Lisa from Fresh Eggs Daily:

lisa from fresh eggs daily

In addition to writing for the blog, hosting the Facebook pages and managing an etsy shop, Lisa makes sure that her ever-tolerant and supportive husband, 21 laying hens, rooster, 8 ducks, 2 horses, tuxedo cat, and German Shepherd puppy are happy and well fed.  She grows herbs, berries and vegetables and enjoys gourmet cooking and baking using the fresh ingredients from their farm.  She also enjoys reading, knitting, DIY projects and crafting in her spare time.

She has recently been featured in Hobby Farms Chickens Magazine as well as Hobby Farm Home magazine and mentioned in Mother Earth News and Southern Living magazines. She recently crossed the 'pond' to be featured in the UK-based Your Chickens magazine as an up-and-coming blogger/chicken keeper, as well as the New Zealand-based Lifestyle Block series How to Care for your Poultry.

The list goes on for Lisa's media exposure. One this is for certain. She knows a lot about chickens, and she knows how to relay that information to an audience and keep them coming back.

Items mentioned in this farm podcast include:

Take aways:

What ways have you adapted your farm business to meet the needs of your customers?

Are you using Facebook? You don't have to spend all your time on Social Media, but Facebook is a good start with definite return on investment.


My skills are ever-evolving as an interviewer. Thanks for taking the time to listen in, and let me know what you think. You can leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, reach me on Facebook or Twitter, or leave a rating in iTunes if you liked the show.