FFC004: Lightbulbs

Topics covered in this farm podcast:

  1. John & Scott do not like Skype
  2. Windows 10 might reinvent how we look at garbage
  3. John’s going on vacation, Scott too has gone on vacation
  4. Is there valor in working long hours?
  5. Hours Tracker App on iPhone for logging work hours
  6. Accepting that things will not be perfect
  7. How many things would fix themselves if I did not touch them?
  8. John uses an iPhone 6+ to shoot, edit, and upload videos
  9. Lower polish and increased iteration
  10. Adjusting what you grow to suit your needs and the needs of your market
  11. John goes camping in Canada
  12. Why take time off in the summer?
  13. Things are going to go wrong, and that is OK!
  14. John speaks nonsense…
  15. Mabel is the 4th generation going to this camp ground in the Suscovich family
  16. Sugar Island of the American Canoe Association
  17. Does camping losing its’ novelty when you live on a farm?
  18. Scott loves to take trees out of the ground, very exciting.
  19. Flame weeders are not sophisticated
  20. Work-life blend vs. work-life balance
  21. Finding work that you love makes everything easier (surprise)
  22. Four lightbulb theory: family, friends, work, health
  23. Getting to the core of why John & Scott work together
  24. John strokes his ego and thinks he’s super-human
  25. How easy is it to “check out” and quiet the chatter in your brain?
  26. The E-Myth Revisited
  27. Diego and Curtis on The Urban Farmer: Systems
  28. John recaps the Farm Crawl, it was a success

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