GFP089: How to Raise Pigs on Pasture

Raising pigs has to be one of the most fun things that I do on farm. I truly enjoy almost every part of it. I mean, don't get me wrong, they could smell a little better every once in a while but who can turn their noses up at their floppy ears, curly tails, and curiously happy demeanor?

I get my pigs for the season in less than a week. I'm raising 20 pigs this year for various different markets. It's a step up for me. A far cry from big production, but big enough to feed some serious people. I plan to market and sell through:

  • Whole and Half Hog
  • Pig Roast
  • Retail at Famers' Market and Farm Store
  • Restaurants for Beer and Spirits Dinners

You can see how I raised pigs last year with this YouTube Playlist:


Resources from this farm podcast:

Farm Quote of the episode:

"Never wrestle with a pig. You'll both get dirty but the pig will love it..."