GFP051: Starting a farm, is it as stressful as everyone says?

"Farming is hard." I hear it over and over again. But what does it mean? Farming is going to mean a million things to a million different people. There are an infinite number of scenarios that can play out when it comes to starting and running a farm. Now having interviewed dozens of other farmers on how they got their start in agriculture I can tell you one thing, it's hard, and it's worth it.

Oh sure, there will be times when you want to throw your hands p and walk away. Many of those times you should, then come back to whatever you were doing with a fresh mind and a better attitude.

There may come a day when I am too over-whelmed by what is going on with the farm and a year may come that beats me down to the point where I find a new occupation. That day is not today, nor is this year the year.

The best I can do with Farm Marketing Solutions is to give you my perspective on what is stressing me out and how I am dealing with it. I found that regardless of how many things go poorly, (and they will, it's part of learning) you have to concentrate on the positive things in life.

As a new format for the matching blog post in addition to the podcast I want to share some photos from around the farm to give you visual perspective to go with the audio.

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Take aways:

What are you thankful for? How does that effect the decisions that you make?

What is one small thing you can do right now to make yourself a little happier?


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