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Latest News: as of 11/1/2018

I am currently working on content for January 1st 2019. I have a few personal and professional projects that I’m working on right now that are consuming most of my time. When I’m on busy with that I’m putting together a schedule and shooting footage for the FMS YouTube channel for the new year.

Video coming:

While I have it in me to create highly edited artistic video, I find that it is too time consuming to do on a regular basis. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Maybe some day when I can do this more full time. For now I'm saving the artsy-fartsy stuff for big video project and special content.

My channel in 2019 is going to focus on short, actionable advice, tips, and philosophy from the farm. No long drawn out sequences of me walking places, no montages of my family, just the heart of the content that you're looking for so you can watch and get on with your day.

Podcast returns:

The podcast will return in January 2019 with several seasons throughout the year. I miss producing the podcast, and even though I haven't done it in a while, I'm still getting thousands of downloads on my old episodes.

I have been working with several special guest hosts to bring diversity to my opinions and experiences. We will focus on starting a farm, farm marketing, and poultry farming. Similar to the videos these will sound great, but won't be highly edited or horribly long.


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