Pastured Poultry Packet

Attn: Farmers and Homesteaders


What is it actually going to cost you to raise broiler chickens? This is how you find out.


Thinking about starting or growing your pastured broiler operation? Don’t you wish someone put together every piece of paper you wish you had to start and grow your pastured poultry operation? Want to take some of the guess work out of planning, tracking, and assessing exactly what you’re doing when you put a chicken out on grass and then try to sell it?

With several years experience raising broiler chickens under my belt I have collected detailed information specific to pastured poultry. Through Farm Marketing Solutions I am now able to refine and package them together for you to shorten your learning curve and get the right systems in place from the start.



What does it do?

The Pastured Poultry Packet walks you through step by step, penny by penny, how to determine the start up costs and operational costs of raising broiler chickens on grass.

If you plan on farming as a business this packet will help you determine viability and set prices for your products. If you are just growing chickens for your family then this will get you set up and determine your savings by growing your own food.


How is it delivered?

  1. PPP#1 - PDF digital download

  2. PPP#1 + Chicken Tractor Plans - PDF download

  3. PPP#1 - Printed Binder + Digital Download

  4. PPP#1 + Chicken Tractor Plans - Printed Binder + Soft Cover Book + Digital Downloads

**Digital downloads delivered to your email inbox through Gumroad fulfillment service. If you purchase the physical copies you will get the digital copies in your inbox and the physical copies in the mail.


So... what's inside?

  • get to know the operation

  • decide if you even want to do this

  • determine how big you want to be

  • pick your breed, hatchery, and feed supplier

  • put together a budget for necessary infrastructure

  • determine what it will cost you to raise each chicken

  • define all of your Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS)

  • money saving advice

  • get your farm set up

  • how to manage chicks in the brooder

  • keep records to improve your management

  • what are your processing options?


Praise for the Pastured Poultry Packet

Free Gift!!!

For making it to the bottom of the page I wanted to give you this free gift. It is the tracking sheet we use for every day of our broiler operation here on the farm. We use it to track:

  • Feed consumption

  • Shavings used

  • Mortality

  • Any major events

Tracking on a day to day basis helps with analyzing later. How are you going to know what happened without data?

Click Here or on the picture for the PDF download.