Lindsey Devoll - "Incredibly detailed and complete."

The Pastured Poultry Packet that John and Scott have put together is, in my opinion, an invaluable resource for everyone considering raising pastured poultry on any scale. It's incredibly detailed and complete.  I've been watching John's Farm Marketing Solutions videos for about a year now and I've known that I wanted to raise pastured poultry since I first found them on YouTube, but I didn't feel confident that I could succeed the first time out of the gate. Having a limited amount of resources to get started with, I can't afford to make any costly mistakes. The forms in this packet take out the guess work. With his best advice, formed from his years of experience in this packet, I feel confident that my first year will be a good year and that I can continue to grow.

My operation over time to whatever level suits my needs best. The forms and information included will take you from the pre-planning stages, through your first batch of chicks, to the processor and then to your customers table. If you want to raise pastured poultry for your family, this packet is for you. If you want to raise a 1,500+ birds a year, this packet is for you! Thank you John and Scott for being dedicated to seeing others succeed in their farming pursuits!

This is my honest opinion and I appreciate the opportunity to review the packet for free and give a testimonial. I am confident this is going to be an invaluable resource to anyone wanting to get into pastured poultry or improve upon their current operation.

Lindsay Devoll