Camps Road Farm

Camps Road Farm is a 52 acre diversified farm producing everything you need to sit down to a healthy meal. We are not a certified organic farm but we meet (or often exceed) organic standards with our production.

As well as producing a variety of farm products we are also partners with a brewery and distillery.

Our 2017 Season:

  • Pasture-raised broiler chickens
  • Pasture-raised eggs
  • Pasture-raised pork
  • Vegetables & Herbs
  • Hops
  • Apples & Foraged Fruit


  • 52 acres
  • leased from private land owner
  • Located in Kent, CT
  • On-farm brewery
  • Off-farm distillery
  • 2 full-time farm staff

2017 Production Quick Stats

Pasture-raised Broilers


Pasture-raised Eggs

  • 120 Redstar Layers
  • Started pullets from Burr Farm in Danielson, CT
  • Feed from Stone House Grain in Hudson, NY
  • Raised in mobile chicken coop, moved every 4-6 days
  • Sold as "soup chickens" when they get old
  • Retail $8/dozen

Woodlot and Pasture-raised Pork

  • 7 piglets (scaled back in 2017)
  • landrace, yorkshire, chester white
  • Feed from Stone House Grain in Hudson, NY
  • Processed at Hilltown Pork in Canaan, NY
  • Retail $10-15/lb

Hop Yard

  • 5 Varieties:
    • Cascade, Chinook, Brewer's Gold, Bitter Gold, Michigan Copper
  • 3/4 acre
  • Primarily Sold to our farm brewery
  • Managed organically but we are not certified organic

Fruit Orchard

  • 1.4 acres

  • 200 trees
  • 12 varieties
  • managed organically but not certified organic

  1. Hop Yard
    1. 4 varieties: Brewer’s Gold, Cascade, Bitter Gold, Michigan Copper
  2. Apple Orchard
    1. Varieties chosen to be good for distilling
  3. Hog Pasture
    1. Mixed woodlot that allows for plenty of forage and shade for those hot days
  4. Back Pasture
    1. Used for egg-layers and broiler chickens
  5. Main Pasture
    1. Mostly used for raising broilers
  6. Back Woods
    1. Full of invasive species, we’re working to clean it up a bit as well as sustainably harvest our own firewood
  7. Pond Across The Street
    1. Not as deep or useful as you’d think, but boy is it beautiful! Good for quick canoe trips.
  8. The Homestead
    1. We live where we work and vice-versa. We take pride in having a clean and healthy work/life environment.